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The Marshall County Attorney’s Office provides a wide range of services to our community.  We prosecute criminal offenses including juvenile, traffic, misdemeanor, and many felony cases.  We are charged with establishing and enforcing child support orders.  Our office assists adults obtain guardians and conservators to help ensure that their personal and financial interests are protected.  In dependency, neglect, and abuse court, we are there to make sure that at-risk children are being cared for in safe environments.  As an adviser, we render legal services to the Marshall County Fiscal Court and other local government entities.  Finally, we work to educate the community and coordinate the efforts of stakeholders who help families in our county.  The hats we wear are many!

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How do I get help collect child support?
How do I apply for guardianship?
How do I report suspected neglect/abuse?
How do I report a crime?
How do I report a bad check?
How do I report fraud?
How do I do direct deposit?




in CHild support returned per $1 spent

The Marshall County Attorney’s office returns about $11.40 for every dollar of our contract from the state, which usually runs around $2.5 million per year. That efficiency puts us #1 in western Kentucky, top 15% in the state, and is more than double the national average.



collected for crime victims the past 10 years

Over $2 million dollars has been collected by the Marshall County Attorney’s office for crime victims the past 10 years, that’s over $800 per business day.



DUI conviction rate over the last 10 years

The Marshall County Attorney’s office has achieved a 88% DUI conviction rate over 10 years, three points higher than the state average.